Rob Allen of Hoof-Solutions At Work Welcome to Hoof-Solutions.com 
My name is Rob Allen. 

A true craftsman equals an individual with a general interest and a sense of pride in one's
own work. I look at each horse I trim or shoe as a opportunity to demonstrate the quality of my workmanship.  I believe that a farrier that does not stay up-dated in the latest resources available to him or her is an outdated one. After all, we never stop learning and it is foolish to think other-wise. It is this very belief that drives me to keep myself informed of the latest research and developments in hoof care technology.

I stay open minded when it comes to solving hoof issues and believe in working with horse owners and their veterinarians in developing a hoof care program for your horse.

My service coverage is Central Florida and South Florida.  Call today!

As a horse owner myself and a general animal lover, I treat each horse I work on as I would my own. I pride myself on being a
farrier that you can count on with caring reliability and punctuality.
If you should have any questions or if you would like to set up an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact me either by e-mail at HoofSolutionsFS@aol.com
or call
386-283-1240 or South Florida 954-995-1617